A Ride On The Forces Of Motion By: Brian Glonek

Question: How does the forces of motion make a roller coaster ride successful?

Forces of motion affect you in your everyday life, but you probaly don't think of this or even realize when you are riding down from the top of a roller coaster. But in fact there are many forces that you experiece and affect your ride.

As you begin, the roller coaster is pulled up by a chain higher to the top of the first hill, building up momentum to get the ride started. But after that it is just the power of potential and kinetic
is what makes the coaster run. Potential energy is created when the coaster is being pulled up in the air and is going the downward force of gravity. But as you descend down the first hill the build up of potential energy is released transfering over to kinetic energy which propells the coaster to start back up the second hill again and turn to potential energy.

A set of wheels on both sides of the track are put on the coaster to keep the ride going and reduce the friction on the track so it dosen't slow down.

external image 77980hulk.jpgThe thing that roller coasters are known for and make your ride so exhillerating is the sharp turns. This makes a dangerous illusion and stimulates your mind to think that your going to crash, but yet you are very safe. When this happens the velocity of the roller coaster changes from it's acceleration. Acceleration can happen in two different ways, speeding up or slowning down. Acceleration also is affected in a change of direction. When roller coaster carts or an
y object takes a turn the acceleration or velocity changes as the direction your going changes.

Another force of law that happens on a ride is when your body experiences the sensation of free falling.Free Fall is caused when a object is moved strictly by the force of gravity to earth. This relates to a roller coaster ride when riders are external image roller_coaster1249662567.jpgbrought to a top of a hill, and momentarily suspends at the top and then begins to accelerate, plunging down the track. At that very moment you feel weightless.

The seatbelts on a ride is an important aspect to riders safety. No matter if its taking sharp turns, accelerating down a hill, or even slamming on your brakes when your driving a car, seatbelts help prevent you from inertia. Inertia is the property of matter that resists a change in motion. And when it comes time on a amusement park ride, this important tool keeps you safe and stops you from sliding all over in your seat and out of it.

Thank you for listening to my research on how the different forces of law contribute together in a roller coaster ride. So next time your at amusement park just remember everything around you is science!

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