The Question?
Why do bigger newer cleats grip better then old worn out cleats. By: DANo HORST Steve Riley

My Research.
The friction between new cleats and turf is greater then old cleats and turf.
When the new cleats are dug into the ground, they are longer and dig into the ground and stay.
They do not slide around or get stuck, they stay put and are instantly reemovable. With old cleats,
they do not stick because the friction is less because of the cleats being worn down and are like
wearing regular shoes. They will slide around in the mudd more, and not get enough traction to get
nice clean cut, or give you enough grip to be explosive off the line. New cleats give you traction and
will give you a more explosive start to beat your opponent.

external image Changing-cleats-010-hi.jpg
New cleats vs Old cleats

New cleats also provide better motion, you can get going faster, also known as acceleration. Stop on a dime with some
nice cleats witch is called friction. And make you do better cuts and hits, known as your range of motion. They can allow you
to have greater velocity which will help you to have greater momentum in making you a beast like Dan Horst(aka:Rainbowshoes).
New cleats help you stay in motion while in motion. The unbalanced forces are you slowing down and the ground pushing on your leggs,
or you hitting the opponent. When your running in your new cleats and tackle someone it is like Newtons Third Law of Motion. Newtons Second
Law is expressed when the fullback start to run in the motion.

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