Football Ownage!

By: Nate Darker and Richard Johnson

The Question: How come when a little football player charges and knocks over a big football player, How does he/she do it? The bigger man has more mass but the little man can still take him down. How does that happen?

Speed: Players have speed every time they move. When they dig there cletes into the ground and push his/her feet pushing off the earth to push them forward into the other player or off to the side. The players need speed in order to dodge players or chase down the ball as it is flying in the air.

Acceleration: Players have acceleration every time they change speed or direction. The cletes they wear have spikes in the botten to dig into the ground so the friction between them and the ground is less so they can move on the slipery ground without falling. If you tried running on a wet grass it gets kind of slipery. So when the players line up and they here "HIKE!" they can accelerate forard into the croud of people or off to the side to catch the ball.

Friction: Players have friction when their feet touch the ground or when two or more players collide. If you also look at their shoe's, they are wearing cleats which have spikes that grab into the ground which can hold they player in spot while they are getting pushed. They use gloves to increase the amount of friction between them and the ball or them and the other player.

Force: All players have upward force from their feet pushing off the ground, downward force from gravity pulling on them, horizantal force from their legs pushing in that direction.They also have force when they charge into another player. There mass colides and only one of the men win. Who do you think would win? a 230 pound man or a 190 pound man? The bigger mans mass over rules the little man which causes the tackle.

Inertia: If a football player is standing still and another player runs into him, the player that was standing will move in the direction the other player was going because he was acted upon by a force. The player will also fall to the ground and stop moving because he was acted upon by another force called gravity.

Momentum: When players go to tackle someone, they build up momentum by increasing their speed.

When they hit a player, some of their momentom is transferred into the other player causing them to lose balance and fall, or if there is enough momentum, they get knocked off their feet. The momentum of the player hitting the other man was so powerful it knocked the helmet right off of the mans head. His force was greater than the man standing there and forced him to get knocked off of his feet. In the photo with the multiple players. the one mans force was not greater than the 6 other men so the force twords him was greater than his on them.

external image football-tackle-fumble.jpg external image football-tackle.jpg

Types of tackles:
Gang tackle: When the stationary player is hit by more than one player on the opistite team: The about of mass being pushed by the person exerts more force on teh single player which knocks him over.
Bump,Hip,Shoulder tackle:Where a player taps or bumps the other player knocking them off balence which cossing them to fall over.
Coat hanger: Where a player puts his or her arm out and catches the oposing player head or neck which causes him to fall over. His arm is acting like a opposing foce twords the other player.
Broken tackle: where the player does not have enough force twords the other player to knock him over, The oposing player has more momentum which causes him to be able to break free.

In this video is a great expample of the forces that go into a tackle. The mass of the bigger man is greater than the little man so the bigger man wins. There is a greater force exerted into the man being tackled so he is knocked on the ground with a big thud. You can see that on impact all of the force the bigger man has is pushed at high speeds into the little man. It is like a train and a car, If they are bother traveling at 75mph and crash into each other who would win? The train would so imagine the bigger man as a train and the little guy as the car.

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