What parts of a four- wheeler makes it accelerate? And What for?

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In order to make a four- wheeler accelerate: you need to reduce friction as much as possible. In order to reduce friction, you would need to use some kind of lubercant; which would help it move. Lubercant also helps the four- wheeler turn better and move better. if you dont lubercat it it could cause craking in the belt and could get the handle bars and throttle to stick on you. it could also cause an accident if not careful; it helps it to accelerate.

  • The motor is the main source, the motor helps to make and does make every thing run.
  • Just like in a car you can change different parts on a four- wheeler to make it accelerate or run faster.
  • "If you accelerate too hard you can cause the tires to skid out which could throw rocks potentially behind you or cause you to flip up into a wheely or fall over on your back. Especially if you are on a racing quad or a high sport quad."
  • You may accelerate for different things; Plowing, Racing, Trail riding, or Driving on roads( Highways, Dirt, Asfault, Gravel)

Things that may help:
  1. Shocks
  2. Motor size; Motors
  3. Wheels
  4. Less Weight on the ATV
  5. Clenliness
  6. Lubercated areas
  7. Full tank of gas and other Fluids Checked to where they are supposed to be at
  8. Making sure the ATV is in shape to use

Snow- Plowing:
When you plow with a ATV you need to accelerate; to excert force from the Plow to the Pile that you are Plowing it into.
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When you are racing, you need to Accelerate to win the race But also so you dont get stuck in the hard clay; and so that you do not slid into anybody else in the slippery areas.
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Trail- Riding:
When you are trail riding it is rare that you have to accelerate. But if you are going through a wet trail, then you need to accelerate through puddles; yes even though you might get muddy, but wouldn't you rather be muddy then stuck and behind everyone else? so that is why you need to accelerate.
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When you go through swampy areas where you need to accelerate in order to make it through.
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But mostly: in order to even move you need to accelerate from being stoped or parked; to be moving.