Free Throw!

Basketball players not only do they need skills and technique they also need to know how and what basketball has to deal with Friction. To compare friction, or the ball's ability to stick to surfaces (such as our hands), the scientists took measurements as they slid both old and new balls against sheets of silicon. Silicon is similar to the palms of our hands in its degree of stickiness.

Spinning the ball:
By spinning the basketball it’s dealing with air resistance, or the air resistance causes the ball to to have it’s curve shape when it spins on your finger or when your just spinning it on the ground.

Receving A Pass:
M*v = F*t the F = (m*v) / t
You know how when you catch a ball and if it caught into your body and then knocks the wind out of you, well the ball coming at you has momentum.

Starting, Stopping and Changing Direction:

Basket ball players must have good traction, which in other words is also saying that they need coefficient of Friction between the shoes and the floor… Friction is the force that is opposes the motion between two surfaces that are in contact with each other. The opposing or attracting forces of the surfaces “Causes Frictional Force “

Bouncing basketballs:

There is high pressure inside of a basketball, the less surface will bend or deform during a bounce

Hang Time:

You know how some basketball players when they do a slam dunk and how they look like they are so high up in the air well that is just and illusion, they fall at the same rate as when they jump up in the air.

Foul Shots:

For some players who are tall or medium height , well the exact force and direction necessary to give the ball a velocity that will end up in a result of a basketball in the basket.


A layup happens when a player does not make a shot, but who uses the speed of his body to put him close to the net… and then all he got’s to do is drop the ball in!