Grip It! Grip it Good!

By: Mr. Weinandt

The Question

List the every day problem that you are researching here in the form of an essential question.
Example: Why do new basketball shoes have better grip than old basketball shoes?

My Research

This is where you would tell us what you studied and the conclusions that were reached. Make sure this information answers your question and the Unit Essential Questions. This section should contain the science information that we've studied in the Motion and Forces Unit. For each of the science concepts that you include make the word stand out by underlining it, making it bold, or a different color.

Like this:
New basketball shoes have more friction than old shoes.
Be creative in the way that you format this part of your Wiki page. You can include pictures, videos, etc. in this part.

Links to Online Resources

Provide links to websites, videos, pictures, etc. that will enhance the information you presented above.
Example website that explains shoe technology.

Example of an embedded video.

You can also upload any additional files that you wish to help answer your question, such as spreadsheets, graphs, word documents, audio clips, etc.


List the sources you used to gather your information. Make sure you give credit for everything - ideas you used, pictures, videos, etc.