Hitting A Softball

Kari Miller

Question: How do the Universal Laws of motion affect the motion of hitting a softball?

When hitting a softball, you are using many forces. Friction is one of the forces that
plays a role in hitting a softball. Softball and baseball shoes, or cleets, have a lot of
friction between your spikes on the cleets and the dirt on the field. When you hit the
ball with the bat you are opening up your hips and pivoting your back foot to release
more hitting power.

Using a bat to hit the ball is a force called momentum.Swinging the bat by using your
arms and hips allows the bat to force the ball off the bat to go at a certain speed and
velocity. Speed describes how fast an object moves, and velocity is the speed of an
object in a particular direction.

Newton's First Law of Motion states that an object at rest remains at rest and an object
in motion remains in motion unless acted on by an unbalanced force. When a softball
leaves a pitcher's hand, it is being acted on by an unbalanced force, and when the bat
hits the ball, it is also being acted on by an unbalanced force by making the force of the
swing make the ball go further. external image softball-hitting1.jpg

Hitting a softball has net force. Net force is the combination of forces acting on an object. So, in conclusion, hitting a softball has many forces. Pitching and hitting are both forces in hitting. Pivoting your feet and opening your hips has more power on your hit. Your cleets have friction between the dirt on the field, so when you hit, you have a good stance and you won't go off balance.

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