By Kayla Mark‚Äč
Zooming With Science
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Whats really going on when you're watching a race?
When you're watching a race, you're probley not thinking much about what forces are going on, you're probley just thinking about who's going to win, or who's going to crash, but there is a lot more going on. There is tons of friction happening between the tires and the track. Race cars are constently accelerating, even if they are staying at a steady speed. This is because acceleration is a change in velocity, and velocity is a change in direction, and since a race track is an oval, they are constently changing direction. They are also changing speed, but that's an obvious one. Race cars are in motion, as long as they are moving, this is because they are changing position in comparison to a reference point.

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When the cars get into a crash, there is also a lot going on, Newtons 3rd law of motion is being applied when there is a crash, this means that when one car hits another, there will be an equal and opposite reaction to the other car. When there is a crash, the driver of the car is experiencing inerita, they are resisting the change in motion, they want to keep moving forward, as the car is stopping, this is ineria, the property of matter that resists change in motion.
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I got most of my information from what I have learned in class, and my notes.
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