Shoes and Law of Motion
By: Taylor Hoeffling & Tim Armajo

  • Question
How do shoes relate to the laws of motion?
How do shoes help grip things?

  • Research
Shoes help a basketball palyer by gripping the wooden floor. The rubber on the bottom of the shoes grips the wooden floor to allow the player to make quick turns without falling. Without the shoes the player would slip and fall. The rubber causes friction from the rubber rubbing on the hard wood floor. There is a lot of science giong into shoes. Some shoes are made for basketball, football, running, and lots of other sports. Every type of shoe is different, but are the most versitable. People use basketball shoes to run, walk, play other sports, and of course, play basketball.

  • First Law of Motion

Basketball shoes relates to Newtons first Law of Motion because you are in motion untill you plant your feet (the unbalanced force) and then when you take a step (another unbalanced force) you are back in motion.

  • Third Law of Motion

Newtons third Law of Motion relates to this because it states that for every reaction force, there is an equal and opposite reaction force. Basketball shoes realates to Newtons third law of Motion because when you jump up you will go up until gravity pulls you down. You will keep falling untill you land on the ground, and your shoes stop you from slipping on the ground.

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