​Question: Do Skateboarders use physics?

Research: When using a Skateboard the skater uses the laws of physics to perform tricks. Take the Ollie, for instance, when performing this trick the board seems to stick to the skater's feet but the skater is actually using balanced forces. For the front side 180 the skater uses the conservation of angular momentum. This allows the skater to hang in the air for a few seconds. Half-pipes can be harder or easier to do because the skater pumps which is a result of the equivalence of work and energy, also when the skater reaches the bottom arc of the half pipe centripetal force, it sort of acts like inertia in a way, which makes it harder then usual for the skater raise themselves. Beginner tricks are really simple like the manual. A manual happens when the skater lifts the front of their skateboard off the ground. So according to above a skateboarder must know how to use angular momentum, balanced forces, work and energy, and also must understand the law of inertia.

Conclusion/Answer: You must know some physics to skateboard, so yes skateboarders do require some understanding of basic physics, even if you're a dog just going down the street.

Online Links: **hptt://www.youtube.com**, **Boy skateboarder**,**Girl Skateboarder**, Dog skateboarding, and **Click skateboarder**.

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