Motion and Skydiving

By: Jeremy Rowe
Why do you fall when you jump out of an airplane?
you fall because of gravity.

What is skydiving?

Skydiving is sport in which you jump out of an airplane or helicopter several thousand feet up and land safely using a parachute.

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If youv'e ever gone skydiving or witnessed people skydiving, you could see that the skydiver falls.
A sky diver accelerates as he jumps from a plane due to gravity.Gravity affects everything in the universe that is why the skydiver falls toward the earth. The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s​2
After falling for about 15 seconds a skydiver will reach their terminal velocity of about 120mph.
Terminal Velocity
Newton's Second law makes it easy to figure out when a body will reach its terminal velocity. Terminal Velocity is when a body falling through air can't go any faster due to air resistance.

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This is an example of how air resistance affects two different bodies.

Drag and Forces
Drag acts on all objects falling through air. The parachute slows the skydiver down to a save speed so he can land without being hurt. After the parachute is deployed the forces will become more balanced than when the parachute wasn't drawn.
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This video shows how acceleration and drag act on a skydiver.

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