By: Jerry Farmer(man) & Alex Cain(ian)

Steak has been around for centuries and many people have enjoyed its wonderful flavor, but no one has ever asked "How does steak relate to science?" Well we are here to answer that question.
The Question: What is the science behind steak and its utensils?

This picture shows the unbalanced forces of the man biting down on the steak. The blue arrows show the force of the man biting down. The yellow arrows show the steak pushing against his teeth. This demonstrates Newton’s Third Law of Motion, for every action force (the man biting on the steak) there is an equal and opposite reaction force (the steak pushing against his teeth).
This picture shows the net force of the man pushing on the steak to cut it. It also shows the force of friction because the man pushes back and forth on the steak to cut through it.

Steak knives are designed to help people be able to cut through the steak easier. The question is do you know how they do this? The steak knife, as the blue arrows shows, the serrated edge of the blade it is serrated to decrease the kinetic friction of the knife so it cut through the steak easier. Another way a steak knife helps is by having a sharp edge; a sharp edge also decreases the friction.

This picture is showing a man tripping and lets go of the steak while they are in a vacuum chamber. While his buddy is trying to save the steak, the steak its self is in free fall due to gravity. If the steak had been tossed slightly when it was let go the steak would have projectile motion as well.

This video to the right shows a baby trying to eat a steak. However the baby lacks the force to tear into the steak and the baby also doesn't have the teeth to bite through the steak, if the child had teeth it would decrease the surface area acting on the steak making it easier to tear into the steak. The steak's force pushing up on the baby's gums is greater than the force of the baby biting into the steak.
All the pictures were found on Google, the video from YouTube, and the information came from our own minds.