by: Brooke Nelson and Kaitlynn Pischke

Our Question:

What laws of motion are used in boxing?

My Research:

Boxers decrease momentum over a short time. Ft= change in momentum. You see, the boxer moves away when the glove of the opponent hits him. They extend the time of contact. Have the boxer stood still when their opponent hit them there would be less force but the boxer is moving into the opponents glove lessening the time of contact creating greater force. external image Boxing_Ring.jpg

Such high acceleration and force of a boxers punch can cause a lot of damage to their opponent. The action force of a boxer hitting an opponent can cause a reaction to the opponent falling down vulnerable for knock out.

external image de_la_hoya_forbes_boxing_400.jpg

When free fall occurs in boxing an opponent who punches so hard the other opponent falls freely to the ground with a great force. While on the ground the opponent who had hit the other opponent making him fall can then grapple him on the ground using the mass of their own body weight to keep them on the ground.

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While boxing you may not think about all the science you use. But by researching terms you will find that the universal laws of motion help the boxers fight better and possibly win.

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Boxing Video

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