Why Tires Save Lives
The Physics Behind Tires
by: Tyler Vandenberghe

Tires are a big part in how safe a car is. The more friction you have on the tires, the faster you can stop. On dry blacktop or cement roads the smoother the tread the better. The more surface area on the tire exposed to the road the more area to grab on too. But we do not use flat tires on our cars because if the road gets wet you won't be in good shape. The water on the road acts as a lubricant. So instead of sliding around we put ridges and little pockets on tires so the water can escape. Or a more simple way to put it is tread.

external image Goodyear_Tire.jpg

The amount of air in the tire also a matter because the less air the more of the tire is touching the road. That means that the tire has more friction causing it too be easier to stop. But people usually tend to keep there tires at the maximum air pressure because it gets better gas mileage. This is because there is less of the tire touching the ground creating less friction. So the tire doesn’t need as much force to gain and keep speed.

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