A Racecar And The Way It Handles

By: Courtney Beckwell
There are a lot of people out there that say that anybody could handle a racecar and that it doesn’t take much work to make left hand turns for 10 to 15 laps on a dirt track. Well those people are wrong! You have to be strong enough to control the racecar from sliding up the track and hitting the wall in the corners and it takes work to make those left hand turns, its called set up if you get anything wrong in this process your pretty much not going to be able to control your car the right way. Also the point of racing is to win and have fun.


Obviously in racing you need speed! Speed is important because on the track you have to keep your speed as much as you can. You have to keep up your speed so that you don’t loose your place on the track. Also it is important because your goal is to be the fastest racecar on the track so that you win. Basically to keep up your speed you have to just keep your foot on the gas.

Acceleration is also very important because you are constantly accelerating on the track, weather it be speeding up on green, slowing down in the corners so you don’t hit the wall, speeding up to pass the guy in front of you, slowing down for a caution, or slowing down to a stop in you pit area because the race is over. A race is a game of constant acceleration. Without acceleration there would be no race, because the cars would go anywhere, they wouldn’t move.


The way the racecar handles also has a lot to do with the track conditions too, the friction between the tires and the track are very important. It depends a lot on weather or not they watered the track enough or if there are a lot of mud chunks, it cant be over watered though, because then every car would be all over the place. The idea is to water the track enough so that its sticky and a little mushy but not slippery, if the track is slippery then there is no friction to keep the car on the track and it will just slid all over the place, and it wouldn’t be considered a race anymore, it would then qualify as a demolition derby.


Momentum in racing a racecar is basically maintaining your speed on every lap and trying to keep your lap times as close as possible, if not improve them. Momentum in this case is very important so that you don’t get passed. Every racecar needs to maintain the momentum on every lap, throughout the whole race.


Basically in this case mass would have to do with the size of the car and the size of the tires. The size of the tires are important because if you don’t have the right tires your car is going to be off, it wont turn the correct way. As for the mass of the car it is important to have the rights sizes for everything because there are size requirements for some things related to the car. Mass is pretty important to a racecar and the way it handles.

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I got most of my information from Jordan Grimm, who drives the #45 pure stock.
I got my pictures form the drivers:
Jordan Grimm #45
Shawn Rivord #95
Chad Carlson #21
Catilyn Carlson #02
Steven Christman #15