​The Commotion of Motion: By Brian Honness and Trevor Fair

Question: How do NBA players, or all basketball players, understand the laws of physics to help them in the game of basketball?

Introduction: We are doing a report on The Laws of Motion and we have to relate them to something in everyday life. Basketball is a very interesting sport and has a lot of science involved, like most sports. There's something about basketball that seperates the sport from the rest; the BLOCKED SHOT! It is a very prestigious and complicated effort, but players who know the laws of motion, gravity, and everything else that is scientificly tied in can easily play the game! We will talk about the laws of motion, motion, speed, unbalanced and balanced forces, momentum, friction, gravity, and plain, old force in this project.

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A block showing balanced forces
A block showing balanced forces


Our topic question is, How do players in the NBA dominate the leauge in block shots and how the shot affects it. Obviously, it's because they understand that, "an object in motion, stays in motion, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force." When the basketball is shot in the air, it is in motion and would not be stopped until reaching the hoop whether it goes in or not, but it will be stopped if it is acted upon by an unbalanced force which would be a player blocking the shot. All players know that you have to have energy to play the game. All Basketball players must have great acceleration because when the ball is turned over to the other team, the players cannot waste time gaining speed to get down the court.

Another thing the basketball players know, is that when they block a shot all moving objects have momentum and when the shot is blocked, the momentum is switched to the opposite direction. The speed of the ball when shot out of the hands of a player is very critical for the timing of a shot. If the ball has been shot up in the air with a quick release, then the player blocking the ball has a lesser chance of getting to it. Another thing that players apply to their game the of the floor. The floor is wood, but is polished with a wax coat so the players have more traction and more friction when they stop quickly. A balanced force is when the ball reaches its peak of the arc, and the reason the ball dosent stay up at the peak is because gravity takes over and there is no force to keep the ball up at its peak. When gravity takes over, the ball goes in a downward motion towards the hoop.

When the ball is dribbled, it is a balanced force for the moment it hits and when it comes back up, it is an unbalanced force between the court and the ball because force makes it come back up. When you lose your dribble in basketball, you must keep your feet planted. This is an example of a balanced force because there is no friction between the feet and the court unless they jump or pivot. This may be a different type of momentum we're talking about, but when a team makes a scoring run or a great play, the momentum can switch from one team to another. Momentum is a term used in all sports because people think it's what can make a team win a game and lose a game. The momentum in basketball is critical because thats what changes a game! It has affects on shots, blocks, rebounds, steals, dunks, and even passes.

The net force often is used in basketball when players have to generate power to shoot from far distances, steal the ball, hard passes, and blocked shots. The net force you use in blocking the ball is critical, because you want to hit it far enough away from the opposing team and give your team the fast break opportunity.

Basketball is a sport where you have to use every muscle in you, and it gets tiring. Knowing the laws of motion can help you stay energized because you can use less energy by taking longer strides when you run or how high to jump to dunk or get the perfect layup without getting your legs tired. We hope you have learned more about basketball, because we
know that you know the laws of motion. Now here is a video to conclude our Wikipage!

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