Do some dirt track tires make a race car faster then other dirt track tires?

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Anyone involved in racing knows you want a good reliable fast tire. Good grip pattern, but not to weak and not to aggresive where you get too much friction and can't turn in the corner. You want the perfect amount of friction with a good tire. The hoosier tire is the longest lasting tire found in the world today for a latemodel race car. It also has the most speed maxing at 124 mph on a 3/8 high banked track. Thats a lot of weight 2300 pounds going 124 mph on that small of a track, carring lots of momentum with it. Which a late model dirt track car actuley has more power to weight then a nascar car has. With about the same horse power around 750 horse power.

The different grip patterns on the tires you have for a stock car the different speed it's going to go. The reason why dirt track circle cars dont run slick tires(tires with no tread just rubber) is because, on a very dry slick track the car would get very little to no traction. Then on the starts the car would mainly just spin the tires and get very little positive acceleration. Then the cars would go slower and slide around the track more and could possibly be very unsafe and reclous. The people working at hoosier tire company worked for 31 years on making a fast and reliable tire. Then they work on the compound of the rubber they use for the tire. So then the tire is not to soft but not too hard where they dont get very much traction(they call traction bite in racing terms). If the tire is too soft it will burn up the tire too fast and it will be junk. If the tire does not have the right grip pattern then the rubber will start to burn off faster on one part of the tire then the other.

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If you look at the look at the tires you can see the friction of the left side tires.

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