Ride!! Ride On!!

By: Lyndon Paquette

Essential Question:

How does Four wheeling apply to physics


First Law of Motion- When you push the throtle the wheeler accelerates. It will not stop unless you let off the gas and pull the breaks. The breaks act as an unbalanced force because if you hold only one break the the other tires will keep on pulling or pushing untl they the wheeler comes to a compelete stop or if both breaks are applied it will stop even faster. Stoping while pulling a trailer is an example of the First Law of Motion. The trailer will keep moving unless you apply the breaks to stop it.

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Second Law of Motion
- If you are pulling a trailer it is a form of an unbalanced force because the forwheeler is trying to pull the trailer and the trailer has either more or les weight than the wheeler. The friction from the ground and the tires makes it want to grab on, to keep on moving it forward. The more weight you have on the wheeler the more it wants to pull to keep it moving. Exspecialy when pulling things.

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Inertia- With Inertia the tires need to be lubrecated to make them resist there change, (turning). Without lubracation the throtle would get stuck and the tires would not move so well and the breaks would be realy sticky. There would realy be no sence in having a four wheeler if you can't keep it lubrecated. When going over a bunch of bumps the tires have a tendency to change direction from all the shocks and the lubracated gears moving. The wheeler would be a stiff as a board if it wasn't lubracated. You would get cracks and the wheeler would just fall apart.

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Acceleration - If you accelerate to hard you could make the tires skid out and spit rocks and potentially flip over. If you acelerate fast over a hill or bump it could cause you to fly in the air and hit the ground realy hard, due to gravity. What goes up must come down. If you are stuck in a mudd hole and you can't get out it is from the weight, of which you are eaither to light or to heavy. The faster you accelerate the less you will sink because gravity isn't pulling you down as fast.


This video will show you why mudding tires would be the better choice. There is nothing for the regular tires to grab on to, the friction is just the tires and the ground slidding past eachother. The mudding tires kind of give you a lift on the wheeler. This is a good example of acceleration.

Friction- The way friction works in four wheeling is that if you are pulling a trailer up a hill the trailer wants to go the other way due to friction. If you and someone on four wheelers are pulling on a chain to see who's wheeler is the stronger one, that is a form of friction. You are going one way and the other four wheeler is going the other way. Pulling your self out with a winch from a mudd hole and hooking the winch up to something is a form of Friction. You want to pull yourself out one way then the thing you are using to pull yourself out with wants to go the oppisite way, right twards you.


This video will show you about Friction.

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