external image leatherlyke-motorcycle-saddlebags-harley-davidson-sportster_215_m.jpgPOP QUIZ!!!!
<what makes this hunk of metal and leather move? no, itexternal image compoundpendulum-fig1.jpgs not the motor, not the gas, not even the pistons. its this random gibberish:
(but yes, the other stuff helps.)

you see harleys, cool as they may be,
are quite nerdy in that they are entirley run by the newtonian laws of motion and inertia. what happens is that when the pistons go up and down it causes the gas to explode (science is cool, explosions are cooler) and the force of the explosion pushes back and moves the bike forword. and no, putting mini nukes in your gas tank wil not make it go faster, it will just make it explode. a lot. like, a ton. mythbusters exlosion on steroids. dont try it.(the nukes i mean, but dont try steroids either). now back on the subject of science, e=mc2... wait... wrong scientist... sorry. as for inertia, if it werent for the kickstand, the thing wouldn't have any inertia.