Wade and Sam:The Science of Jumping a Dirt Bike

How do you jump a Dirt bike safe, efficently, and accurately?

Our Research
When jumping a Dirt bike the rider and bike need to be in the right spot. Some key components when jumping a Dirt Bike include, gravity, position, force, motion, Friction, and free fall. Gravity plays a keep part because it makes the bike stay on the ground and fly through the air with conrol. It also holds you on your bike so when you are going through the air it creates a force between you and the bike. Position plays a big role too because when jumping a dirt bike you can be in two positions. You also need to be positioned right on your bike so you have control. Force plays a role in jumping a Dirt Bike because force is pusing on the suspension, your body, the jump, and there is a lot of things force is pushing on. Motion is a really big part of jumping because without it you would not be able to jump off the jump because the direction of your bike would be at rest. Friction plays a roll because there is friction between you and the bike, the pistion and the spark plug, the dirt and your tires, and also friction between your hands and the grips. There are countless ammouts of friction when jumping a Dirt Bike. Free Fall plays a part with the landing of the Dirt Bike. It plays a part by the time your half way across the jump because you free fall from however high the jump shoots you into the air. On free fall you need to hope to come down with control. A tail whip is a whole different way to jump a Dirt Bike. When you do a tail whip it projects you farther because the phisics of it. When doing a tail whip you need to be an experienced rider. When tail whipping you need to start by turning off the lip of the jump which sends your bike into a sideways motion, by sending it side ways it seems to project your bike farther to the landing. The hard part about a tail whip is trying to bring it back after you get it sideways. You need to use your body a lot to get the tail whip out and back in for a safe and efficent landing. Another way to jump your bike more efficent and farther is
Preloading. Preloading is when your seat bounce the jump and shift all the weight forward right on the take off of the lip. When you preload you pull up on your handlebars to get the front tire up in the air so your have more motion pushing you forward. Preloading is an efficent way to jump further. Another thing to do when riding and jumping a dirt bike is the lip (take off) of the jump. The lip of the jump needs to be somewhat steep and smooth. The steeper the lip of your jump the further the jump is going to shoot you up into the air. In some cases you would want a lip to be at not such a steep angle. With not such a steep angle, the jump would project you lower to the ground and in some cases further. To be safe when jumping you need to wear protective gear. Protective gear would include a helmet, goggles, chest protector, neck brace, jersey and pants, boots, and knee pads. The reason all of these things protect you is because when you fall it acts as an obsorber and makes your fall hurt less. If you want to ride a dirt bike and not get hurt you will need to wear this protective gear. By far the most important thing when jumping a Dirt Bike is the area before the lip of the jump. Normally there is a corner before the jump and you will want to get enough speed so that you will be able to clear the jump with ease. Sometimes it can be very difficult to take a corner. Corners could be Flat and Tacky, Deep and sandy, and Rough and jagged. The hardest of the three corner types is a deep sand corner. Your front tire always wants to wash out when it gets into the sand unless you are going fast. When you are jumping a Dirt Bike you now know that everything needs to be right and everything needs to be in perfect order or you might end up getting hurt.
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1. This is seat bouncing a Dirt Bike 2. This is jumping standing up 3. This is a tail whip 4. This is a sand corner

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Most of our work came from things we already know.