The Winning Shot

By Krystal Buchin and Abby Clemons

The Question:What are the forces that affect your free throw shot?

Our Research:

As you probably know free throws are very important in the game of basketball. You could be down 20 points and catch up in free throws, but have you ever thought of the forces that affect your free throws? There are so many different forces that can affect your shot, and here you see all different types.

When you first get the ball, you find​ your rythem. You bend your knees to get more upward momentum. When you are aim, aim above the net because gravity pulls the ball to the ground, which means the ball will fall into the net when it comes down. As the ball is traveling through the air, it falls with the force of free fall, which is 9.8 meters for every second it is suspended in the air.
external image 6a00e553e551d18834011168aa0904970c-320wiThe basketball travels in a parabolic path that is why you must shoot with an arc. A parabolic shape is when the point at which the force of gravity becomes equal to the original upward force of the ball, and which time gravity reverses the direction of the ball.
The ball has mass, which mean the player has to apply the right amount of force, so the ball where intended. Too much or too little force applied on the basketball's mass and the ball won't go where you planned. When you shoot a women's ball you don't need as much acceleration when you shoot a men's ball.
external image image004.jpg

So when the basketball is going threw the air its in
motion and from newtons law of interia it will stay in motion until acted upon and external force, the backboard or rim in the this case will be the external force that is acted upon the basketball and will go in.

Here's a link to show you how height, angle, speed, and how far away form the basket affects your shot.