LineBacker Madness by Raheem Vann + Dylon Whitwell

Football isn’t just about being physical with touchdowns and bone crushing hits, there is also a lot of science involved. Physics is a big part of external image 100809webapbighit_t300.jpg the physical contact in tackling a person in football. There is momentum, mass, speed, acceleration and a lot more science terms involved in just one small tackle on a football field. Its averaged that a cornerback weighing under 200 pounds that runs under a 5 forty, when at full speed can have up to 1600 lbs. of force in a tackle.

In football there is a lot of momentum. A running back running down the middle of the field with their body lower to the ground would generate more momentum because you have better balance therefore if you got hit you would continue to move forward or down forward on the ground. When you go for a tackle, if you hit them farther from their center of mass you use less force then if you would tackle them on their mass point. The Same similarities go for lineman because when they crouch down low their center of mass is closer to the ground which makes it harder for the opposing player to move him. Low and Quick are what a lot of coaches like to see in their lineman.

When you get a good jump off the line it can sometimes give you an advantage over the opponent catching them off guard so you can hit them first and with a great momentum. Momentum is a very key thing in the sport of football.

Body armor you use during a football game is really critical in the sport you can get severely hurt or even life threatening with out the body armor we use today. The padding used in football equipment today helps absorb some of the momentum by dispersing it into a larger area.

When you are lighter with a greater increasing acceleration you can create more force than someone big with a slower speed.

external image 2008346377.gifA concussion is when your body stops moving and your brain slams into the front of your skull or when your body is slammed on the ground and your head get whiplashed back with your brain shaking in place.

In football if you’re not cautious when running with the ball and you get hit anywhere from the neck up you have a chance at getting a concussion. Concussions are severe injuries to the brain and can cause serious brain damage. There are a lot of things that can happen to your body when you get a concussion, some of them are:

Shift the alignment of your spine

Make you Paralyzed

Knock you unconscious

Lose control of your nervous system

Lose Memory, and can make you have to relearn everything you know

From my own personal experience, concussions really hurt and can change your whole life. The more you get, the more severe your next one is going to be. So be Careful.

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