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What Universal laws of motion effect baseball players?

Project by Jarret Byrnes and Aaron Foley

When you're in the batting box you are thinking of many things. One thing you are not thinking about is the universal laws of motion. Every thing you do in baseball is affected by universal laws of motion.


The red line indicates the plane of the pitch coming to Prince Fielder. The blue line indicates the opposite reaction of the ball going out into the field. This is an example of Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, stating for every action (swing), there is an equal and opposite reaction (ball going into the field).


The blue lines indicate forward momentum towards home plate as Doug Davis is delivering the pitch. He is also putting acceleration on the ball, making it faster so it is harder for the player to make contact.

When a pitcher starts his wind up, all his momentum is going forward so he can put as much force into the ball as he can.


The red line indicates the ball is in free fall. It has reached its terminal velocity and is falling at a rate of 9.8 m/s/s.
The blue box shows that Ryan Braun will create friction with the ground so he can stop sliding.
The yellow lines show that the his momentum will bring him to Earth.

The object in motion is the baseball. The unbalanced force is the catcher's glove when the ball hits it.
This is an example of Newton's 1st Law of Motion, stating an object in motion (ball) will remain in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force (catcher's glove)."
Our video. prince fielders bat is the unbalanced force in the video.

When you hit a baseball, the ball will go farther if the bat has a heavier mass and it is swung faster. The reasoning for this is that
Newton's 2nd Law of Motion says the more mass and acceleration, the more force.

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