By: Brittany Janeczek and Danielle Hakkila

Main Question:

How do you make it easier to get grime off of dishes you ask??

Our Research:

We learned that if you increase force on the grime or press harder the grime will come off easier making your job at the sink quicker. Another way to get grime off easier is to increase the friction and get a rougher sponge for example an S.O.S pad or steal wool, doing this causes more friction and takes off that nasty grime. If you don’t have that big of a job and the grime in minimal (for example: the cereal bowl you used this morning or the spoon u used to eat it) you can decrease the friction between you and the dish and even consider getting a softer sponge, washcloth or rag and that will get the job done. Oh! And don’t forget to use a lubricant like dawns dish soap or any other brand you prefer to get your dishes squeaky clean.

Examples we used in our research:

This is steel wool cleaning a pan with though grime

external image scrubbing.jpg

This is an example of a softer sponge used for easier grime

external image kitchen-sponge.jpg

This is a dishcloth also used for softer grime

external image 2246995600_5156417443.jpg

This link goes to a website where we found the soft sponge picture.
This link is where we found our steel whool picture.
This link goes to where we got the dishcloth picture.

We got all our information from earlyer studies in physical science and from my notes.

this is a video we got from youtube concerning both steel wool and sponges.

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