Slapshot 101

​Kelsey Reder

When shooting a slapshot what motions and forces affect the outcome of the shot?

The slapshot is the most powerful shot in the game of hockey. A lot of things affect how fast, and how accurate the shot is. The first thing that affects the shot is the mass, or weight of your stick. If your stick is too heavy then it may be harder to shoot. But, if the stick is too light then you might not be getting enough power from it.

Flex is the amount of
force used to bend the shaft of a hockey stick. The higher number of flex means that you will need to use more
force in order to bend the shaft to take a slapshot. The lower the number of flex means that you will need to use less force to bend the shaft. The flex of the stick affects the momentum of the puck going to the net. When the there is little to no flex the puck will not go as fast. But if you have greater flex the puck will go to the net with more momentum.

(Sticks used in this table are sticks that i own. Flex may vary.)

Type of stick
Flex of the stick
Good flex?
no flex

Flex of a stick
Flex of a stick

This stick has a lot of flex, so the momentum of the puck will be greater.

When you take a slapshot you hit your stick to the ice a couple inches behind the puck, then your stick will act as a lever when you hit the puck. This is why the slapshot is different from other shots. The stick has potential energy and when it hits the puck all the energy that has built up transfers from the stick to the puck. The amount of force you put on the stick during a slap shot is about 300 hundred pounds. When you hit the puck you put the puck in motion towards the net.
If you bring your stick back higher then your stick will have more momentum going towards the puck. This in turn will make the puck go to the net faster. The puck going to the net has velocity. When the stick hits the puck there is a transfer of kinetic energy that puts the puck in motion towards the net.
external image fox-warm-up.jpg
Since he brought his stick up
higher he will have more momentum.

external image al-macinnis.jpg

He transferred the
energy from his back leg to his front leg.


These videos explain the different forces that affect the shot. Also there is
slapshots in slow motion so you can see all the forces acting on
the stick and the puck.



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